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Our Dishes

  • Appetizer Platter

    (Vegetable Shingara)One piece of Triangular whole-wheat pastry spiced with panch-phoron that is stuffed with shredded coconut, carrots, peas, and potatoes,(Chicken Shingara) one piece of Triangular whole-wheat pastry, spiced with panch-phoron thatis stuffed with minced chicken, sweet corn, and (Pakora)potatoes and Fresh sliced vegetables prepared with chickpea flour, whole coriander, onions, and other spices.

  • Chicken Tikka Moshala

    Boneless white meat chicken tikka marinated in ‘tandoori sauce’ made with yogurt, fresh herbs and selected spices. Grilled on skewers in ‘tandoori clay oven’.

  • Beef Korma

    Mildly spiced, cooked in a cream sauce, with turmeric, chopped raisins, and shredded coconut.

  • Dharosh Bhaji

    Fresh sliced dharosh (okra) sauteed with ginger, garlic, tomatoes, grilled onion and other spices.

  • Mix Tandoori Platter

    An assortment of tandoori specialties, including five different tandoori items: chicken tikka, chicken tandoori, sheek kebab, lamb tandoori and shrimp tandoori. Grilled on skewers in ‘tandoori clay oven’

  • Vegetable Biryani

    Aromatic baash-moti rice sauteed with mixed vegetable such as carrots, green peas, cauliflower, green beans, zucchini, chick peas, etc.